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Scope of Expertise & Services

  • Strategic Management
    Optimalization of all internal and external resource of the company for short, medium and long term period are smart and strategic way in leading the competition. Let be discussed.
  • Specialist in Profit Optimization
    “Frozen paradigm” might bring such management to a daily in-efficient operation system. “Out of the box” approach might saving the cost and change the culture of the organization. Let’s explore.
  • Business Missions implementation and evaluation
    Executives might be very busy with their daily operation jobs, while special important missions of development often be delayed for execution. We are your trustful partner to conduct the implementation as well as evaluations.
  • Management System Audit and Development
    Facing the competition nowadays, the management system in such areas are subject to be re-evaluate and take the re-engineering action in terms of development. That’s one of our expertise!.
  • Outsourcing of Business Operation
    In several areas, operation handled by expert business partner– like us – could achieve more effective and efficient results. Such as Human Resources Development, Distribution, Logistic and Ware Housing, Continuous Auditing and Reporting Service (for Management, Financial, QA and Legal), etc.
  • Management of Business Partnership
    Business Partnership might have many aspects of mis-match in coordination, communication as well as in coorperation. Such re-alignment conducted by us – as independent consultant – might be valuable for the coorperation.